translucent concrete? ... no way

... i couldn't believe it, too ... but
'litracon ™' is a light-transmitting concrete::

:: ... 'litracon ™' - light-transmitting concrete is an innovative building material with translucent characteristics - a mixture of optical glass fibre and fine concrete. the main idea behind this interesting material is the integration of glass: thousands of optical glass fibres create a matrix of lines that run in parallel, connecting the two opposing main faces of each block. the fibres integrate into the concrete as a kind of "undemanding" additive and the surface still reminds one of homogenous concrete. the material is translucent because the glass fibres carry light in the form of little dots from one face of the block to the opposite one ... the most interesting aspect of this phenomenon is the sharpness with which shadows become visible on the other side of the wall ... ::

how about this instead of glass blocks?

... or as passable surface illuminated from below
:: ... during the day, it looks like that the surface is a simple concrete pavement. at sunset the paving blocks start to shine, even in different colors ... ::

... or as an interior design feature:: 'litracube ™ lamp'

pics:: 'litracon ™'
inventor:: áron losonczi (hungary)

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