'the great sunflower project' (sfsu)

we plant sunflowers every year ... and this weekend we will do it again. i simply love them.

here is a really nice idea, and a project (s.f. state university) you could do with the little ones::
help the bees! plant a sunflower in your garden!
by watching and recording the bees at sunflowers in your garden ... free sunflower seeds for planting inclusive ...

via:: 'fresh dirt'


retro tunes ...

50's ...

60's ...
by 'roadstar' (alba plc.)


reclaimed / reused hardwood + concrete

'flat' (pdf) + 'swilken' (pdf) bench

'acronym designs' benches are crafted with reclaimed or reused hardwood + concrete legs ... concrete and hardwood = nice mix of raw + industrial and refined material that exhibits the beauty of nature (indoors or outdoors)



textile made out of concrete

concrete textile, a curtain made out of concrete ("betonvorhang" in german) ... a really nice idea that just has been awarded in the red dot awards competition in 2008.
as you can imagine, i like the look of exposed concrete ... and this textile will be very long-lasting ... in that sense, very eco-friendly.

design:: memux (thomas mennel, reinhard muxel)
producer:: oberhauser & schedler bau gmbh, hermann rudolph baustoffwerk gmbh
via:: 'dezeen'


finally, my favorite chandelier 'lights up' my life

i admire this chandelier for ages ... i really want it so badly above my dark wooden dinning table that is surrounded by white 'panton' s-chairs ... if it wouldn't be that expensive ($2,600)::
the cellula chandelier @ design within reach

now, i found a similar one that is really affordable::
the vitoria @ eglo leuchten (austria)
i was lucky. we live now in nl ... and a local home improvement store had it on sale for only €99!!!! it is not quite as detailed as the original, but it is close enough ... and i can have further shopping fun with the saved money ;-)


mod high school in copenhagen, dk

'fatboy' in the lounch area of a high school? wow ... i definitely went to the wrong one ...
what a cool school ... the 'ørestad college' (high school) in copenhagen, ørestad (denmark)
design:: '3xn' (copenhagen, denmark) ... see flash animations on their website!!! definitely worth a click!

via:: 'coolhunter'


retro fridges ...

... are so cool ... especially in a mod home ... by:: 'big chill' + 'smeg' + 'elmira' + 'bosch'

i love the contrast of mod and retro ... but it has to be a new, energy efficient one ...


reverse graffiti:: clean green street art

ossario : art less pollution
urban intervention:: alexandre orion
music:: instituto
video:: big bonsai

via:: 'inhabitat'


lights ... by eero aarnio

'double bubble' lamp (2001)

bright light 'origo' (2007)

and new 'the swan' (2008) ...

in addition to his classic designs, eero aarnio designed two new lamps in 2007, 'the swan' for 'melaja ltd.' and the bright light 'origo' for 'innojok ltd.' ...

:: swan is clearly related to the double bubble. it has a rotationally moulded plastic body that scatters light beautifully. it is also lighted with an energy saving compact fluorescent bulb like the larger double bubbles. Unlike the double bubble, however, swans come in three colors: black, yellow and opaque white. the swan will be available from selected retailers starting april 2008 ::

design:: 'eero aarnio' (finland)


i like 'hanging' fireplaces

'drop' by 'an-trax' (italy)
design:: 'massimo iosa ghini' (italy, 2003)

design:: 'douglas garofalo' (chicago, il, 1999)