lights ... by eero aarnio

'double bubble' lamp (2001)

bright light 'origo' (2007)

and new 'the swan' (2008) ...

in addition to his classic designs, eero aarnio designed two new lamps in 2007, 'the swan' for 'melaja ltd.' and the bright light 'origo' for 'innojok ltd.' ...

:: swan is clearly related to the double bubble. it has a rotationally moulded plastic body that scatters light beautifully. it is also lighted with an energy saving compact fluorescent bulb like the larger double bubbles. Unlike the double bubble, however, swans come in three colors: black, yellow and opaque white. the swan will be available from selected retailers starting april 2008 ::

design:: 'eero aarnio' (finland)

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