'bacon case' for your cell phone (handcrafted)

i'm not really sure what i should think out this... but it looks kind of cool, and it is creative!
the 'bacon case' for your cell phone, and you can order every size...

:: the case look really like a piece of bacon. you can feel the irregular and the illusion is perfect. each case is different. ... the whole case is seamless and felted in one piece. i can felt the case in each size, please tell me your type of phone or anything else. it´s absolutely trendy!!!!! ::

design:: antje schmitt (gangkofen, germany)
buy here:: dawanda.com


another nice e-car

remember my post about the tesla roadster by tesla motors (ca) about a year ago?

here is a very stylish european answer to the californian e-car design::

mindset six50 - a four-seater hybrid car with roof-top solar panels

:: ... the driver can choose between two modes of driving. in the electro-mode – which is emissions-free – the built-in electric motor is used, with a fully- charged battery guaranteeing a range of over 100 kilometers. in the hybrid mode an optional, compact combustion engine is activated additionally, which, at a constant optimal engine speed, functions as an electricity generator for the battery charge, boosting the cruising range to over 800 kilometers.
according to mindset the 95hp motor should enable speeds of up to 140km/h and acceleration from 0-100km/h in under six seconds. the company, which is based in switzerland plans to roll out 10,000 of the cars by late 2009, at an estimated asking price of 50,000 euros. ::

company:: mindset ag (spirt avert ag, switzerland),
design (and ceo):: mürat günek , previously car designer at mercedes-benz and vw



wooden radio

the 'magno radio' - a nice mix of retro style and modern design

hand-crafted in indonesia and made from sustainably harvested wood instead of non-biodegradable plastic... they only use trees from plantation and care for the re-plantation in their hometown

design:: singgih kartono (magno, indonesia)
award winning


vintage scooter

maybe the perfect way to stay mobile in times of increasing (energy) costs... in style, of course


'bloom my buddy' vase

what a cool idea to 'display' flowers and plants!

:: it's a boy. it's a girl. or an it - whatever suits you best. and as a brand new type of vase it's open to suggestions. will it be haute couture in a flowery dress, seductiveness with roses so red, sheer envy with hauntingly green chrysanthemums or an angry look with thorny branches? 'bloom my buddy' is the easy type: fun to play with, free to create your wildest dreams and an ideal spokesperson for your moods and grooves. it looks at you as if to say: 'go on, express yourself.' ::

see:: product page + ideas
design:: nils van eijk & miriam van der lubbe (studio van eijk & van der lubbe, geldrop, nl)
shop:: 'yksi' (nl) (small buddy + large buddy)

seen @ 'dutch design week' in eindhoven, nl


2008 release of 'concrete countertops' (book+dvd)

i'm in heaven. one of my favorite diy books will appear in a new addition::

about this book:
:: in seven simple steps, the clear, complete directions in this book and companion dvd give you everything you need to create a customized concrete countertop that's functional and attractive.
if building a concrete countertop doesn't strike you as a traditional home improvement project, you're right. but the detailed advice and step-by-step illustrations in the book, plus valuable demonstrations on the dvd, will help you create a flawless countertop in just two weeks -- all with basic tools and materials.
for a fraction of the price you'd pay for granite, marble or any artificial material like corian, you can make a beautiful concrete countertop to suit any décor. and by taking a complicated process and making it so utterly simple, best-selling author 'fu-tung cheng' makes your job enjoyable, affordable and rewarding. ::

paperback + dvd
by:: 'fu-tung cheng' (chengdesign, berkeley/ca, us)
publisher:: 'the taunton press inc.' (newtown/ct, us)
release date:: 12/02/2008

see offer and movie @ amazon.com


'casa kubaa' = (play)house for sale

:: the playhouse consists of a set of twelve lightweight blocks made of polyurethane foam finished with a tough but soft coating. 'casa kubaa' encourages children between 2 and 12 years to design, build, climb and play together. it is ideal for companies and organizations that work with groups of children. ::

you will be surprised at the countless shapes and creations that children can develop with 'casa kubaa'...

seen @ 'dutch design week' in eindhoven, nl

by:: koen crommentuijn & marjan verboeket = 'studio papas' (eindhoven, nl)


'sunshade' umbrella/lamp

:: 'SunShade' is a shade by day and a light source at night. the flexible solar cells in the cover of the parasol collect energy from the sun. as the sun goes down the shade transforms into a lampshade and brings light during the night. by means of sensors, the 'SunShade' opens and closes automatically. like a mechanical flower, it reacts to day and night. ::
the first models will be on the market in 2009.

see nice flash animation how it works

seen @ 'dutch design week' in eindhoven, nl

design by:: lianne van genugten (nl)


'yoyo' lamp

'yoyo' - this stylish lamp made of translucent plastic comes with its own red extension cord (~17.5 yard). you can 'roll' (∅ ~18 inches) it wherever light is needed, indoor + outdoor. this cool art object comes with 'loft flair'.

design:: catarina von matérn + lisa lindström
by:: 'elmar flötotto' (germany)