'sunshade' umbrella/lamp

:: 'SunShade' is a shade by day and a light source at night. the flexible solar cells in the cover of the parasol collect energy from the sun. as the sun goes down the shade transforms into a lampshade and brings light during the night. by means of sensors, the 'SunShade' opens and closes automatically. like a mechanical flower, it reacts to day and night. ::
the first models will be on the market in 2009.

see nice flash animation how it works

seen @ 'dutch design week' in eindhoven, nl

design by:: lianne van genugten (nl)


Henry said...

Nice fine, and great to see your posting again :)

concrete*enthusiast said...

many thanks for following my blog.
sorry for the long break. we did quite a lot of traveling this summer/fall. and little concrete*tot started school... but I got a lot of new inspirations, such as at the 'dutch design week', that I started to post ... again.
hope you'll (still) like it.