nice prefab...

made of concrete + timber + steel plates

:: it is a low-cost housing, 140 m2, to be sold and repeated in many places as concerned people exist. in this regard it relates to the idea of the container since it has no place. with the purpose of reducing construction time, geometry is simple and the construction system is on prefabricated basis. its arrangement is a cross shaped where, in order to embrace the nearby landscape, public areas are placed in second level in a 4 meters high cube.
this severe volume is covered with steel plates that create a double facade that gets hot and therefore increases ventilation of the space in between , refreshing the inner side of the wall.
with regard to materials, the building recognizes the inherent uncertainty and inevitability of weathering as a continuation of the building process rather than as a force antagonistic to it. :: (archdaily)

the 'la reserva house' in la reserva (colina, chile)
architect:: sebastián irarrázaval (chile)
via:: archdaily


another use of recycled shipping containers

they are used as a backyard for children living in public housing in south melbourne, Australia (see details @ coolhunter)

design:: phooey architects (australia)
via:: coolhunter

please see also some of my older posts how old shipping container could be reused: illy cafe + freitag flagship store


ikea bike trailers in denmark

use an eco-friendly way to bring it home... might only work in a plain country.
(click here for details:: copenhagenize)
via:: inhabitat + treehugger


re-use of an old barn

i couldn't imaging to live in the countryside... i changed my mind!

architect + interior design:: rita huys (buro II, + buro interior, belgium)
via:: inhabitat + archdaily + wallpaper*architecture


energy efficient cooking + swiss design

in times of high energy costs every idea to conserve it is very welcomed::

'hotpan thermal cookware' by 'kuhn rikon' (switzerland)
:: combining superb functionality with swiss design. ::

what are the benefits of thermal cooking?
- thermal cooking:: some recipes start the cooking process on the stove top, transfer the pan into the clip-on serving base, and finish the cooking process off the stove. food tastes fresh without re-heating.
- waterless cooking:: food cooks in its own juice for better tasting, more vitamin-rich meals
- fat-free browning:: great for low-fat lifestyles
- clip-on serving base:: converts cookware into elegant serveware
- thermal insulation:: keeps food hot up to 2 hours or cold/frozen
- energy efficiency:: use 70% less cooking energy by using the thermal-cooking method; good for you; good for the planet
- insulated, convex lid:: heat stays inside the cooker, and the lid knob stays cool

how exactly does a thermal cooker work?
double walls. cooking is easier and more efficient as a minimum of time is needed to begin cooking. the double-walled construction takes over the cooking process and food finishes cooking off the stove while durotherm keeps your meal piping hot until your family is ready to eat. double-walled construction saves up to 60% of cooking energy and reduces clean-up as the clip-on serving base allows you to take durotherm directly to your table or buffet. a triumph of form and function, these carefully crafted and richly designed cooking and serving casseroles make a striking addition to any kitchen or dining room decor.
food cooks in its own juice, preserving vitamins and making food naturally delicious. thermal insulation makes it possible to start cooking on the stove and finish the cooking at the table!

nice idea, wrapped in swiss design! i like it ;-)


amazing hotel

i'm still looking for the best stylish vacation spot this year. i found it!!!!!

the 'aire de bardenas' is a new concept hotel.

:: single-story design surrounded by nature, forming part of the landscape. the 22 rooms available include four deluxe suites, piercing alongside the bardenas reales national park and biosphere reserve. ::

project pics @ hotel 'aire de bardenas'
design:: monica rivera + emiliano lopez (barcelona, spain)

more pics @ 'yatzer designistoshare'


'lobster' chair

brilliant retro design (looks very '50 to me) - inspired by nature

design:: oluf lund and eva paarmann (lund & paarmann, denmark)
by:: strictly design (denmark)


cozy seating

this chair looks very comfy to me! ;-) very nice...

the 'little cube' and the 'lux' by arik ben-simhon.

design:: erik ben-simhon (tel aviv, israel)

and i also like their 'butcher table' coffee table::


new (photo) toy for me

i love to take photographs... and i just got a new gadget to express myself::

a new canon powershot sd 790 is (canon ixus 90 is).
by:: canon (japan)

i like the simple slic design in retro style, and the metal camera body. also some of the features, such as ...

:: face detection technology

... ensures superb people shots by automatically setting optimum focus, exposure, flash and white balance. face select and track lets you choose and track your primary subject, so you never lose a special face in the crowd ::

:: motion detection technology

... there’s no need to worry about blur with motion detection technology. this clever feature compensates for camera shake and subject movement while maximizing image quality ::

... come in handy when dealing with moving objects, such as concrete*tots :-)

unfortunately, there is no review yet @ my favorite camera review site
digital camera resource page by jeff keller (s.f. bay area, ca)
:: an unofficial resource for current and future owners of digital cameras. it is aimed more towards the consumer end, rather than the high end professional cameras ::

at least they have one @ steve's digicams (page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, sample pics)


ecosmart concrete

concrete goes 'green'. thanks!

:: there is an increasing demand for concrete worldwide, estimated to double within the next 30 years. how can that demand be met without a corresponding increase in greenhouse gases? by using supplementary cementing materials (SCM) to replace a maximum amount of the cement in concrete, we can reduce energy and resource consumption, reduce CO2 emissions, and lessen the negative environmental impact. there is a further environmental benefit in that most commonly used SCMs (such as fly ash) are waste products and would otherwise end up in landfills
'ecosmart™ concrete' is produced by replacing cement in the concrete mix with an optimum amount of supplementary cementing material, such as fly ash, a by-product of coal fired power plants ::

by:: ecosmart™ foundation inc. (vancouver, bc, canada)


concrete that 'eats' air pollution

:: 'tx active' is a photocatalytic principle for cement products which can reduce organic and inorganic pollutants that are present in the air....
since its first utilization in rome, the development and improvement of this type of cement has been relentless; if the early cements were effective in keeping the surfaces clean, the level of photoactivity of the new environment line is such that it abates the organic and inorganic substances responsible for air pollution. ::

by:: 'italcement' (italy)

the active principle 'tx active' was used for the first time in 1996 for the production of the precast blocks that, once in place, would have formed the three imposing sails in the 'dives in misericordia' church designed by richard meier in rome.

see article in 'ny times' :: the vatican's modernist moment; a church designed by richard meier is consecrated in rome ::

project:: jubilee church (la chiesa del dio padre misericordioso) rome, italy 1996-2003
architect:: richard meier (us)