nice prefab...

made of concrete + timber + steel plates

:: it is a low-cost housing, 140 m2, to be sold and repeated in many places as concerned people exist. in this regard it relates to the idea of the container since it has no place. with the purpose of reducing construction time, geometry is simple and the construction system is on prefabricated basis. its arrangement is a cross shaped where, in order to embrace the nearby landscape, public areas are placed in second level in a 4 meters high cube.
this severe volume is covered with steel plates that create a double facade that gets hot and therefore increases ventilation of the space in between , refreshing the inner side of the wall.
with regard to materials, the building recognizes the inherent uncertainty and inevitability of weathering as a continuation of the building process rather than as a force antagonistic to it. :: (archdaily)

the 'la reserva house' in la reserva (colina, chile)
architect:: sebastián irarrázaval (chile)
via:: archdaily

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