'lousiana' design museum in humlebaek, denmark

we spent one week in denmark near copenhagen... what a nice city... always surrounded by (danish) modern design...
one night we went to 'lousiana' - museum of modern art.

one of the current exhibitions is 'green architecture for the future'

from lousiana.dk
:: a sustainable future calls for new inventions, materials, processes and complex architectural methods in the built-up environment. for sustainable architecture is a far more complex matter than rainwater collection and solar cells. that is why the architecture of tomorrow is inextricably bound up with the exploration of new scientific and technological frontiers...
the thematic exhibition is divided into three sections – the city, climate & comfort and metabolism... ::

this exhibition is related to the upcoming united nation's 'climate change conference' (dec. 7-18, 2009) in copenhagen...


'einzeiger' watches

cool idea inspired by history - single hand watches
i like this one by 'karl falk'::

:: all watches come in a black leather presentation case featuring an additional stainless steel bracelet and tool kit ::

by:: 'karl falk watches' (germany)


i like this table... of course...

a really nice table made of concrete... 'table p1'::

from archiexpo.com::
:: modern furniture in purist style, without extra ornamentation;
cement is the foundation of purist furniture from the furniture house of 'cantate'. pandomo®-frontal fulfills the most rigorous demands regarding durability. the external surface – without joints – is one of a kind, with an amazing appearance which makes every piece unique. each piece is hand-made furniture characterized by a variety of colors, shades and various etchings and patterns. the intersection of opposites – rugged and smooth surfaces – gives a changeable effect to the appearance of the surface under various lighting angles, which highlights the liveliness of the unique material which is applied to a thickness of just 5 mm, using a special spraying technique. this technique gives a load capacity generally reserved for wood floors or natural stone ::

by:: 'Zack Design' & 'Cantate' (Germany)


break the silence

i know it has been a while... was quite busy with life and family...
i promise to get back to blogging... in case someone is actually (still) reading/following my blog!?
in the meanwhile, i was collecting stuff that i plan to blog in the next couple of weeks.... just stay tuned