i like this table... of course...

a really nice table made of concrete... 'table p1'::

from archiexpo.com::
:: modern furniture in purist style, without extra ornamentation;
cement is the foundation of purist furniture from the furniture house of 'cantate'. pandomo®-frontal fulfills the most rigorous demands regarding durability. the external surface – without joints – is one of a kind, with an amazing appearance which makes every piece unique. each piece is hand-made furniture characterized by a variety of colors, shades and various etchings and patterns. the intersection of opposites – rugged and smooth surfaces – gives a changeable effect to the appearance of the surface under various lighting angles, which highlights the liveliness of the unique material which is applied to a thickness of just 5 mm, using a special spraying technique. this technique gives a load capacity generally reserved for wood floors or natural stone ::

by:: 'Zack Design' & 'Cantate' (Germany)

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