please recycle more airplanes!

'jumbo hostel' - a really cool idea... to re-use a jumbo jet as a airport hotel...

:: the airplane, a decommissioned model 747-200 jumbo jet built in 1976, was last operated by 'transjet', a swedish airline that went bankrupt in 2002. it was originally built for 'singapore airlines' and later served with legendary 'pan am'. ::

at the moment they even remodel the jet engines that will end up as usable 2-bed rooms, too...

@ arlanda airport, stockholm (s)


nice idea to recycle soda cans...

...not that we actually have any soda cans in the house...

:: recycling a soda can has never been so much fun! with the 'tin can robot' kit kids can transform recycled soda cans into robots. a soda can, one aa battery, and a screw driver is all that's needed. ::


another cool sled

this looks like real fun...

'zipfy' (pronounced [zip’ fee]) is a uniquely designed rugged plastic snow sled with a distinctive lever used for stability and turning.

:: the easiest, safest, most exhilarating downhill sport... ever ::


hubby's new exercise toy

my hubby will buy a new bike this weekend... 6300 white by trek (usa)... finally...
it's the result of 2 new year's resolutions (saving gas by biking more often to work, and doing more exercise) and the nl tax saving option 'fietsplan'...
very nice and stylish, i'm jealous, ... and i get a used trek mountain bike...


nice case for electronic gadgets (handmade felt)

i think that's pretty cool!!!!!!!!

looks quite sleek - just right for such cool electronic gadgets...
i need one for my macbook pro :-)

100 percent wool felt, handmade in germany + also available in leather
by:: 'red maloo' (germany)
designer:: katja hettler & jula tullman

:: redmaloo's concept is to be minimal, traditional and modern all at the same time, taking natural materials and re-introducing them into modern life. redmaloo looks for an idea behind each product, be it functional or emotional. redmaloo wants to introduce a human touch and warmth to the functional world of electronic devices. ::


cardboard play house and mobile doll house

a sturdy cardboard play house.
:: 'casa cabana' comes decorated with a cat on a tree, a small ant, a rabbit and a squirrel and still more than enough room to color, paint and decorate your very own casa cabana. let it be your tree house, mansion or hiding shed. give it as many names as you like …– and do you want to be left alone a bit? … put a sign ‘no trespassing’. 'casa cabana' has a door, seven windows and many spy holes. ::
dimensions:: h.105 cm x w.70 cm x d.70 cm
weight:: about 3 kgs

this 'mobile home' doll house is easy to install, easy to carry. with 8 rooms, stair openings and spy holes. and an attic for storage. for knights, pirates and princesses. it folds up flat, making it easy for play dates and weekend trips. for on the road, when staying over. for a day in the park, or on holidays.
dimensions:: h.46 cm x w.22,5 cm x d.36 cm
it is even available in the moma store.

design by:: kids on roof (nl)
they like imaginative and colorful designed objects. they believe less is more.

and sustainability is a key issue to them:: their cardboard products are made of recycled paper and biodegrable.


a 'morgan threewheeler' for kids

the 100 anniversary of 'morgan' ... celebrated with the 'superSport junior' pedal car for kids... nice timeless design, and cool, too.


design sleds

design-sleds by car makers... not only for fun, but maybe also a good business idea in hard times... ;-)


green disposal of X-mas tree

we returned our real X-mas tree to the garbage collection... they will use them to generate 'green' energy, ... and we got a energy-efficient light bulb as a reward...

what a nice idea to save energy even when it will be generated the 'green' way.


all the best in 2009!

i hope you agree - better late than never... to all my blog-'followers' ;-)