cardboard play house and mobile doll house

a sturdy cardboard play house.
:: 'casa cabana' comes decorated with a cat on a tree, a small ant, a rabbit and a squirrel and still more than enough room to color, paint and decorate your very own casa cabana. let it be your tree house, mansion or hiding shed. give it as many names as you like …– and do you want to be left alone a bit? … put a sign ‘no trespassing’. 'casa cabana' has a door, seven windows and many spy holes. ::
dimensions:: h.105 cm x w.70 cm x d.70 cm
weight:: about 3 kgs

this 'mobile home' doll house is easy to install, easy to carry. with 8 rooms, stair openings and spy holes. and an attic for storage. for knights, pirates and princesses. it folds up flat, making it easy for play dates and weekend trips. for on the road, when staying over. for a day in the park, or on holidays.
dimensions:: h.46 cm x w.22,5 cm x d.36 cm
it is even available in the moma store.

design by:: kids on roof (nl)
they like imaginative and colorful designed objects. they believe less is more.

and sustainability is a key issue to them:: their cardboard products are made of recycled paper and biodegrable.

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