retro-style furniture by 'leolux'

'akka' (design:: stefan heiliger, 2004)

'helical basic' (design:: axel enthoven, 2001)

'gazetta' (design:: gerard vollenbrock, 2005)

'formi phase II' (design:: frans schrofer, 2005)

i like this modern furniture by 'leolux'. simple design, a kind of retro look, not too bulky, but it still looks comfortable. nice!
and there is a 'leolux-design-center' right here near eindhoven, nl
by:: 'leolux' (nl)


outdoor fireplaces by 'zenoproducts'

i like those outdoor fireplaces by 'zenoproducts' (nl) ... simple form, raw material, but still functional... and most of all:: beautiful
unfortunately it's still missing in my backyard ;-(


orb vase

:: fabulous organic form! this creamy ceramic vase has perfect lines that work in any decor. display a small cactus as we have shown here, or one gorgeous bloom and a little seagrass... use your imagination. it's foolproof in this 'panton'-inspired orb vase. a perfect gift for design addicts! ::
seen @ 'realm dekor'

i'm thinking about making one myself... i'm not sure about the choice of material, yet.


retro-style kitchens

i would love to have retro-style kitchen with very modern appliances. i already found some design inspirations...

found @ 'retrorenovation'


enjoy a burger in 'arne jacobsen' furniture

my hubby works now every other week in copenhagen, denmark. i just figured out where he could go out for a stylish fast-food dinner...

:: mcdonald’s in denmark ... is in the process replacing all interior in its restaurants. the traditional fast food restaurant interior known today is about to be replaced with cafĂ© and lounge interior. mcdonald’s wishes to create an interior that caters to the modern consumer to whom design, quality and pampering have become a must not just at home and at work but now also when people need a burger in a hurry. this experience they can get at for example the newly renovated McDonald’s at 'nørrebros runddel' (copenhagen, dk) where the 'big mac' may be consumed in arne jacobsen’s “the egg”, “the swan” or “the seven”... ::

not that i like 'fast-food' that much, but ... i would probably enjoy some of the side-dishes in style.

via:: 'copcap'


bag the bag

:: paper or plastic? edward norton describes a simple, easy step everyone can take to help clean up the environment ::
please watch the video on the 'national geographic' website.

i totally agree... i always use the cool bag i got from 'method'.


'interior weeds'

this would probably be the only place in my home where 'weeds' would be very welcome... really cool idea!

:: ... 'interior weeds' is a project about nature. the way that weeds emerge and grow in the streets, are ... a beautiful thing. it shows the power of plants in our human environment. with the center piece you can create an interior plantation from street weeds, or other personal selection of plants. ... ::

design:: arwin caljouw (nl)
via:: 'labour of heart'


diy:: oversized wall artwork

nice idea... (was in the cb2 spring '07 catalog) ... will try to do the same ...
by:: 'apartmenttherapy'


eames ... thank you

found on 'youtube'


furniture ... made out of slate

black slate tiles are really great. we used them to tile the place in front of our fireplace ... and also other parts of the house.
now, i found even furniture that is made out of this very 'cool' material. nice!
by:: 'lutz kommallein' (germany)


vacuum in style...

a treat for me ... the cool handheld vacuum by 'dyson'. we used our air miles to get one for home + car.
you could have one, too. check mod*mom's giveaway :: 1 'dyson' vacuum + meet mr. dyson in nyc


an other kind of ugly doll

i like 'pooki' and his friends ... reminds me of the 'ugly dolls' ...

:: the first 'pooki' was hand stitched in 2001 by marie joxe-colllins, a french designer/illustrator. her inspiration being the birth of her first son... over time, and numerous hours of work, other characters appeared; creating the funny gang of 'pookiland'. after the success of the plushes, made from soft fleece, the 'pooki' collection was expanded to include bags and room decor. every season brings something new to the collection. ::

little concrete*tot would probably love one of the bags!
by:: 'pooki and co' (france)