enjoy a burger in 'arne jacobsen' furniture

my hubby works now every other week in copenhagen, denmark. i just figured out where he could go out for a stylish fast-food dinner...

:: mcdonald’s in denmark ... is in the process replacing all interior in its restaurants. the traditional fast food restaurant interior known today is about to be replaced with cafĂ© and lounge interior. mcdonald’s wishes to create an interior that caters to the modern consumer to whom design, quality and pampering have become a must not just at home and at work but now also when people need a burger in a hurry. this experience they can get at for example the newly renovated McDonald’s at 'nørrebros runddel' (copenhagen, dk) where the 'big mac' may be consumed in arne jacobsen’s “the egg”, “the swan” or “the seven”... ::

not that i like 'fast-food' that much, but ... i would probably enjoy some of the side-dishes in style.

via:: 'copcap'

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