'lousiana' design museum in humlebaek, denmark

we spent one week in denmark near copenhagen... what a nice city... always surrounded by (danish) modern design...
one night we went to 'lousiana' - museum of modern art.

one of the current exhibitions is 'green architecture for the future'

from lousiana.dk
:: a sustainable future calls for new inventions, materials, processes and complex architectural methods in the built-up environment. for sustainable architecture is a far more complex matter than rainwater collection and solar cells. that is why the architecture of tomorrow is inextricably bound up with the exploration of new scientific and technological frontiers...
the thematic exhibition is divided into three sections – the city, climate & comfort and metabolism... ::

this exhibition is related to the upcoming united nation's 'climate change conference' (dec. 7-18, 2009) in copenhagen...

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