energy efficient cooking + swiss design

in times of high energy costs every idea to conserve it is very welcomed::

'hotpan thermal cookware' by 'kuhn rikon' (switzerland)
:: combining superb functionality with swiss design. ::

what are the benefits of thermal cooking?
- thermal cooking:: some recipes start the cooking process on the stove top, transfer the pan into the clip-on serving base, and finish the cooking process off the stove. food tastes fresh without re-heating.
- waterless cooking:: food cooks in its own juice for better tasting, more vitamin-rich meals
- fat-free browning:: great for low-fat lifestyles
- clip-on serving base:: converts cookware into elegant serveware
- thermal insulation:: keeps food hot up to 2 hours or cold/frozen
- energy efficiency:: use 70% less cooking energy by using the thermal-cooking method; good for you; good for the planet
- insulated, convex lid:: heat stays inside the cooker, and the lid knob stays cool

how exactly does a thermal cooker work?
double walls. cooking is easier and more efficient as a minimum of time is needed to begin cooking. the double-walled construction takes over the cooking process and food finishes cooking off the stove while durotherm keeps your meal piping hot until your family is ready to eat. double-walled construction saves up to 60% of cooking energy and reduces clean-up as the clip-on serving base allows you to take durotherm directly to your table or buffet. a triumph of form and function, these carefully crafted and richly designed cooking and serving casseroles make a striking addition to any kitchen or dining room decor.
food cooks in its own juice, preserving vitamins and making food naturally delicious. thermal insulation makes it possible to start cooking on the stove and finish the cooking at the table!

nice idea, wrapped in swiss design! i like it ;-)

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