another nice e-car

remember my post about the tesla roadster by tesla motors (ca) about a year ago?

here is a very stylish european answer to the californian e-car design::

mindset six50 - a four-seater hybrid car with roof-top solar panels

:: ... the driver can choose between two modes of driving. in the electro-mode – which is emissions-free – the built-in electric motor is used, with a fully- charged battery guaranteeing a range of over 100 kilometers. in the hybrid mode an optional, compact combustion engine is activated additionally, which, at a constant optimal engine speed, functions as an electricity generator for the battery charge, boosting the cruising range to over 800 kilometers.
according to mindset the 95hp motor should enable speeds of up to 140km/h and acceleration from 0-100km/h in under six seconds. the company, which is based in switzerland plans to roll out 10,000 of the cars by late 2009, at an estimated asking price of 50,000 euros. ::

company:: mindset ag (spirt avert ag, switzerland),
design (and ceo):: mürat günek , previously car designer at mercedes-benz and vw

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