diy art:: artwork by c*e

finding the right artwork can be quite a challenge!!!
everything i found was either to small or to big, didn't quite have the colors matching the rest of our interior design, was way to expensive or we (my better half and i) just couldn't agree on it ...
solution:: diy ... simply take a few old plywood scraps + leftover acrylic paint, find the right design + get started ...
(it's not quite as good as the piece that inspired me, but for my first piece, that ever made it onto a wall, i'm even a little proud + most importantly:: hubby + the kids like it!!!)
it's a night of fun and you can enjoy it ever after ... and the best thing:: it's cheep as dirt :-)
(just in case you shouldn't like it:: you can always paint over ...)

doesn't it look great over our fireplace?
other diy projects:: fireplace mantel + slate tiles + bamboo floor

design:: concrete*enthusiast (2007)
inspired by:: david bromstad ('color splash', hgtv)

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