modern design tableware ... with history

i love the mix of classic design (retro) that goes well with very modern interior design ...
born and raised in (e)germany i am especially interested in good german design ... like this classic item of everyday culture - the 'bauhaus'-inspired classic glass tableware 'wagenfeld edition' ... a similar one has been in the family ever since i can remember and now we own one too, but this is the real deal::

'tea service' (1931):: teapot + teacup

:: in 1931, wilhelm wagenfeld met erich schott, in jena (germany), going on to design glass tableware for the company 'schott & gen' until 1935. among his first designs was the familiar wagenfeld teapot, nowadays on display in the 'museum of modern art in new york'. to this day, the wagenfeld teapot serves as an outstanding example of modern design. its body looks like an elastic glass bubble, gently distorted by its own weight. the lid, spout and handle grow almost organically out of its body. made from heat-resistant borosilicate glass, the unique, hand-blown 'wagenfeld edition' is characterised by its sober, functional use of design. ::

design:: 'wilhelm wagenfeld' (germany), disciple and teacher of 'bauhaus'
re-production:: 'jenaer glas' (germany)

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