my 'freitag' bag is coming!

they have an incredible deal on specific 'dragnet' bags by 'freitag' @ 'yoox'::
15% off on bags and shoes (until Nov 4) + 'yoox' coupon code 'pp@yoox' to get an additional 5% discount and free shipping on entire online order (until Nov 30). this is a steal for a 'freitag' bag!

:: 'dragnet' are the original individual recycled freeway bags, sturdy, stable, unique and highly versatile. handmade from used materials, these are bags that always appear in different print designs and colors, hence a new look every time.
each bag is as unique as its owner and meets the highest standards of quality design and sturdiness. they are extendable in two steps and come equipped with an inner and outer pocket as well as a hip belt for urbane frequent bikers. the innovative design extends even to the packaging that converts into a play TV. ::

'freitag' bags are entirely made from recycled materials - used, exhaust-stained truck tarpaulins, the inner tubes of bicycle tires, old car safety belts and air-bags.

i pay only $138 ... i'm so excited and can't wait for the 4-8 business days ... the bag is for me, the play TV (the package) is for the kids. so, i don't really feel that bad to spend so much money on a used bag. ;-)

see also my older 'post' about their flagship store made out of recycled containers.

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