concrete furniture

concrete furniture:: table + bench, 'freiswinger' chair, rocking chair
design:: 'metrofarm' (berlin, germany)

in 2005 a collection of concrete furniture designed by 'nunu' was shown. at the time each piece (a bench, a table, a dj desk and a rocking chair) were prototypes. since then the production has been optimized. nunu’s work has been shown at numerous international exhibitions and fairs ...
table + bench:: each piece of our concrete furniture is made of three parts. the legs are made of steel-reinforced concrete. they are connected by a central piece that is either upholstered, laminated or made of solid wood. concrete furniture by 'metrofarm' is not mass-produced but hand crafted. each piece is unique, and can be adapted according to the particular requirements of the customer.
via:: 'designspotter'

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