it's getting serious ... disassembly time

well, we have to move and i will take all my important pieces of our life with us (of course all my nick-nacks, too) ... the little rockers have of course their own important stuff. how else can we possibly convince them that moving is fun other than that all their possessions (and i mean absolutely all) will come with us ... even overseas!
i didn't think about the consequences::
when we built our kid's wooden play structure 1 1/2 years ago, i would have never thought, we would soon be taking it apart again ... it took us forever to build it. we bought the hardware and the uncut lumber, we cut every piece of wood, than painted it with a wood sealer to withstand the weather, before we put all the pieces together ... fortunately with deck screws. this came in handy now ... you can guess it? yes, we did the unthinkable today ... taking the kid's 'party and outdoor entertainment space' apart into pieces that fit into the moving container. took us only about 2 hours ... and i hope we will get it back together the way it was ;-)
let's talk about fair? - our decks have to stay with the house ...

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