eat your breakfast eggs retro

'egg coddler' (1933)
design:: 'wilhelm wagenfeld' (germany), disciple and teacher of 'bauhaus'
re-production:: 'jenaer glas' (germany)

time again to post some cool stuff from home ...
yesterday was one of the days i could have 'bitten myself in my own butt' (as we say in german ...)
... a few weeks ago my lovely hubby send me a link about an egg coddler from one of our favorite east-german companies:: jenaer glas ... we saw this thi
ng before in the company store in my hubbies college town jena. the company had problems, closed down, but another company bought the license to reproduce items that belong to the 'bauhaus'-inspired classic glass tableware 'wagenfeld edition' ... (see also my other post)
... i made a draft of a post, saved it and of course forgot about it... and yesterday i saw the exact same product at 'cribcandy' ... i don't always have to be the first - but sometimes it's just nicer ... well, maybe next time ... but in the end it means that i have good taste!? ;-)

apropos taste ... this is the base recipe for 'egg coddler'::
- 1 egg
- salt
- herbs and spices
beat the egg in the egg coddler and season with salt and herbs. attach the lid with the metal clip and cook in the preheated steamer for 4–6 minutes. the egg can also be refined to taste with further ingredients, such as ham or anchovies.

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