concrete planters

i just placed these nice planters on the windowsill in my bathroom. as you already know i love the look of exposed concrete. and this look in contrast to green grass... i'm in heaven when i enjoy a bubble bath ;-)


Margaux said...

Dear Concrete Enthusiast,

Saw these containers and really liked them - where are they from?

I am a landscape designer in SoCal, working on a hotel project where the architecture is suggestive of midcentury modern, and I am looking for a source for really cool planters, concrete or recycled material. They need to be large enough to accomodate 15gal trees with room to grow. Any sources you know of?

Thanks for your help!

With regards,

Margaux Shaw
Bella Terra Design

concrete*enthusiast said...

hi margaux, please find the answer in my new post about ethical pots...
i bought them in a home improvement store.