cool ethical pots

recently i posted this about my new ::concrete:: planters in my bathroom. now i was asked where i got them from.

in fact they are fake. it's 'terracino lite'
:: an evolutionary range of eco-products made from a combination of terracotta and 100% natural elements. it has been developed and created to offer a unique item to meet all of the requirements of the plant pot enthusiast, namely light weight and a healthy environment for the plants thanks to its natural water absorption and release.
'terracino lite' is available in 3 color shades: terracotta, charcoal & green. ::

i choose charcoal that looks like concrete. i like this product. very light weight!

they are made by 'terracino pro natura' (italy). and this is an ethical manufacturer.
their code is based on a few but very perceptual conducts, a factory brand must accomplish to be considered as 'ethical'::
- NO to child labor
- NO to forced labor
- YES to a minimum impact to the environment ...
- ...

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