amazing 'little field of flowers' rug

what a rug!
'little field of flowers' shows a beautiful textured pattern that comes to life! it is amazing and quite stunning. fashion forward and design savvy - this rug will amaze!
these flower shaped pieces of felt gives this carpet a beautiful appearance. its surface is full of constant movement and volume. It is a modern rug which asks to be touched, caressed, experienced. it is truly unique and each rug is intricately handmade using a hand loomed technique.

it received a 'red dot award' in 2007 in product design

design:: 'studio tord boontje' (bourg-argental, france)
for:: 'nani marquina' (barcelona, spain)
materials:: hand loomed, dyed felt 100% wool

:: 'little field of flowers' is a rug that integrates the classical flower ornament in an innovative composition. the flowers are not woven into the rug as a pattern but are individually punched out and appliqu├ęd afterwards by hand. the result is a shimmering carpet strewn with blossoms, the look and feel of which is reminiscent of a real meadow of flowers. in living spaces it becomes an eye-catcher that provides space for daydreams. ::

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