mod 'vintage' bike

update:: please read the comment by skibsted and my new post.
apparently this is a copied design!

:: the people behind 'viva' bikes have more than 20 years of experience in the bike marked.
they believe that the soul of a bicycle comes from driving properties and design. high quality parts improve performance, but the liveliness of an urban bike comes from the design of the bike... ::

i love the simple design and the vintage style of the 'mille miglia' with shaft transmission! no messy chain any more!


Skibsted said...

This bike is a copy of a Biomega CPH. Viva have been convicted as copycat by Danish law. They have 2 years of experience.

concrete*enthusiast said...

thanks for the comment. i don't like copycats! i updated this post.
and i posted details about the original design @
:: the original - 'mod vintage bike' ::