the originial - 'mod vintage bike'

a couple of days a ago i blogged a post about viva's 'milla miggla' bike
::mod vintage bike::
please see the comment. apparently the original design is from jens martin skibsted of 'biomega' (denmark). and i don't like copy-cats! so, here is the bike 'copenhagen' from 'biomega' for your own comparison::

:: designed by 'skibsted', this is the fifth generation of our in house designed bike. the copenhagen (cph) bicycle is the quintessence of danish and scandinavian design - minimalist and practical in its approach. the beauty lies in its simplicity - all you need is there and what you don't is not.
wallpaper magazine chose the cph as the most promising means of urban transport, together with the 'bmw c1', and they voted the same model as the 2nd-best line of products in danish design, after 'georg jensen'.
the copenhagen has been displayed at numerous exhibitions such as “20th century design” at the danish museum of decorative arts, the touring exhibition “dreams on wheels” and countless more. ::

again, i really like the :: patented 'new tightening system' biomega shaft :: drive
:: ... a unique biomega innovation. a special integrated transmission offers a host of advantages: no greasy trousers, hardly any maintenance and extreme durability. tech-heads: this shaft has less transmission loss than the average chain - where chains rust and destroy your jeans, the shaft just gets smoother and smoother. ::

also very innovative is the stem design.
:: machined from a solid piece of aluminum, the mark newson designed stem is a beautiful piece of industrial design that also incorporates another biomega innovation. the design eliminates the steer tube cap found on many stem designs providing for a better seal that protects the headset against corrosion. ::

i couldn't agree more! a beautiful and simple frame design, uncluttered by cables or chain as cables are routed inside the frame...
:: the bike also minimizes maintenance: the shaft- driven train eliminates all of those oily sprockets (saving your trouser legs), and the disk brake and internal consecutive gears and cables protect its mechanics from the elements. ::

this is the perfect, stylish solution for our city bike needs! i need to make a test ride!

design:: jens martin skibsted (designer, founder and ceo of 'biomega', denmark)
made by:: 'biomega' (denmark)

btw:: find more details about jens martin skibsted's design @ 'oeo'
and his blog here.

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