new schoolbag for concrete*tot

little concrete*tot will enter school in august. we started to look around for the best schoolbag in terms of design, safety, and ergonomics... we bought a 'scout' schoolbag for the older concrete*tot about 2 years ago. and we still like it. what we love about the 'scout' is::
- light weight
- fits perfectly (even suitable for little kids)
- a lot of safety features (such as reflective materials)
- long lasting
- 97 % recyclable materials
- contains no harmful and allergenic chemicals
now they have a new 'scout mega' schoolbag::

it received a 'red dot award' in 2007 in product design

:: the 'scout mega' is a schoolbag for primary-school pupils which features a 360-degree safety concept and an innovative flat design. shaped side pockets made of a newly-developed reflexite combined material optimise the angle of incidence of vehicle lights from street traffic. reflective carry straps further increase the safety of the schoolbag. an intelligent body construction makes it 20 per cent lighter and gives it high stability. a separate, two-part organiser with a special colour code can be used as required for optimal packing of the bag according to ergonomic criteria. the back padding is ventilated and ergonomically shaped. the functional design allows easy opening of the top flap and provides a large interior space. the flexible carry-strap attachment adjusts to any clothing the child may wear. ::

like a said - a well thought-through product. a synthesis of uncompromising safety, ergonomics, function, and style. i think we found the candidate that we will check out for sure. ;-)

design:: dirk fleischhut, martin hoffmann, andré lüthy (estragon gmbh, zürich, ch)
by:: 'alfred sternjakob gmbh & co. kg' (frankenthal, germany)

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