more style - less work

i like diy projects & i like large italian floor tiles (1 m by 3 m). with new materials like this one it's getting easier every day.

renovate the floor of your home w/o demolishing before saves time and money
:: ... 'kerlite plus', the ceramic solution you were looking for to renovate that old flooring. with a minimum height increase – from 3 to 3.5mm – 'kerlite plus' has a tough fiberglass mesh backing, doubling its cladding potential. the sky’s the limit for this stunning, minimum weight tile. with 'kerlite' it’s easy to lay new flooring in your home. but more than that, it’s economic and simple. 'kerlite plus' can be installed directly over existing flooring in wood, ceramic or any other compact type of surface. this is because the underside of the ceramic slab has been reinforced with a dense fiberglass mat. as well as allowing excellent heat conduction, this minimum thickness mesh ensures the tile sticks solidly to the adhesive spread on the substrate. with just 3.5mm additional floor height there’s no need to adjust the level of doors and jambs. ::

by:: 'cotto d'este' (italy)

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