cool bike ... for hubby?

this is the ultimate gadget for the city nomad...

:: light up the night :: with 'puma's 'glow rider' glow-in-the-dark bike (in two colors). i really like the orange one that glows yellow at night.

:: the glowing paint sucks up sunlight during the day and lets it loose after the sun sets. ::
that's the ultimate safety feature.

the bike is actually based on the danish 'biomega' bike.
the biomega 'boston' is a folding bike and has an integrated anti-theft device.
:: the unique locking system uses a 'down tube' chain lock, which is integrated as a structural part of the frame. if the lock is broken so is the bike - why steal it then?
the quick & easy semi-folding mechanism & folding pedals makes public transport, cars & elevators more accessible. built for town convenience, the bike goes where you go. ::

this is the perfect, stylish solution for hubby's city bike needs!

'puma' urban mobility bike 'glow rider'
design:: jens martin skibsted (designer, founder and ceo of 'biomega', denmark)
made by:: 'biomega' (denmark)

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